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Mindful of: The next thing  

“You can’t control everything about what will happen in your life. However, you can control what you are going to focus on in the next hour or so, and you can spend that time doing what you have chosen with a substantial amount of control.” Basic mindfulness involves giving yourself a point to focus on in the […]


Breathing from your belly, ducking under your thoughts

Dear Integral Meditators, Effective meditation can often be based around a simple technique. In the article below I describe one practice that has delivered enduring value for me over the days, months and years. Enjoy trying it out! For those in Singapore, a heads up for the Integral meditation & mindful walking deep dive half day retreat on […]


How Much Energy Should You Focus on Being Focused?

Dear Integral Meditators, What would the effect upon your life be if you spent even a short period of time each day developing your ability to focus your mind single pointedly on just one thing? The article below asks this question and encourages us to take up the practice of mindful focusing!If you enjoy the […]