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The Way to Deal With Feelings is to Feel

Dear Integral Meditators, Our relationship to our feelings is one of the dominant factors that determines our quality of life. The article below offers a few mindful pointers for how we can develop a good long term relationship to the way we feel, even in the face challenging and difficult emotions. Yours in the spirit […]


The Reasons We Resist Deeply Good Feelings

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen to your life if you truly committed to feeling the deepest, best feelings that were available to you in each moment? This weeks article explores this theme, and the reasons we often turn away. Courses and coaching offers for October are detailed in the upcoming courses section. Yours in […]


The Emotions behind the Emotions, the Feelings Behind the Feelings

Dear Integral Meditators, I gave a talk last night on stress transformation, one of the observations from the participants was that, when we meditated on transforming their stress, the emotion that they thought was their issue faded away, and they were presented with another emotion that they were not aware was there. The article below […]