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Unstructured mindfulness – Turning and facing yourself

Dear  Integral Meditators, What might happen if you spent 5-10mins each day simply turning your attention within you and becoming more self-aware? The article below explores this question, and how you can start to engage in this form of ‘unstructured mindfulness’ practice. In the spirit of self-awareness, Toby Unstructured mindfulness – Turning and facing yourself […]


Liberation from Social Metaphysics

Dear Integral Meditators, Every time you discover a new word or term your universe expands. If you had a good teacher at school you may have heard this saying from her or him. One of the new terms I’ve been enjoying exploring in my own practice recently is ‘social metaphysics’, the article below explores this powerful […]


What is Self-Awareness?

Dear Integral Meditators, Self awareness is one of the foundation tools for both mindfulness and meditation in general, and Mindful Self Leadership in particular. As the article points out, self awareness is relatively easy to understand, not quite so easy to do! Yours in the spirit of self awareness, Toby What is Self-Awareness?  Self Awareness is a commitment […]


Self Flagellation the Same Thing as Sheer Egoism?

This is an interesting quote from Herman Hess’s “Steppenwolf”: “…his whole life was an example that love of one’s neighbour is not possible without love of oneself, and that self-hate is really the same thing as sheer egoism, and in the long run breeds the same isolation and despair.” I find it very interesting to […]