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Can Meditation Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose?

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a relaxing and fulfilling Christmas and Boxing day, I had a very pleasant time, just about the right balance of sociability, good food and quiet reflection! With the new year approaching I my thoughts have been turning (like many people) to what I would most like to focus on […]


Dropping Your Conceptual Leaves

Hi Everyone, This week’s article focuses on the value of adopting a periodically more minimal mental approach to our life’s challenges. Yours in the spirit of the journey, Toby Dropping Your Conceptual Leaves Seasonally the beginning of November in the northern hemisphere sees the change from autumn to winter, the leaves having started to turn […]


The Little Reminders Work!

I recently listened to a talk by Roger Walsh on the Science of Meditation (well worth having a listen to, click the link to do so). In the talk he mentions that he spent about three years researching for his book “Essential Spirituality”, reading books and interviewing different spiritual teachers of the worlds great wisdom […]


Are You A Seeker Or A Practitioner?

You know when you have become a meditation practitioner when in times of crisis you turn to the states of mind that you have been cultivating in meditation to find stability, calm and clarity. The fact that you are able to use the mind-states that you focus on in meditation to solve actual challenges in your […]


Is your meditation a type of therapy, an art-form or a spiritual practice?

Your meditation is a therapy if you are doing it to fix something inside you that is broken. Meditating to cope with stress, heal an emotional wound, to pacify/heal our addictions and demons is a form of therapy. Your meditation is an art-form if you are using it to push the boundaries of your inner […]