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Finding the center of the wheel

Dear Integral Meditators, Do you have to still your mind to experience inner stillness and centeredness? The article below explores how to mindfully sustain the experience of stillness amidst all the busyness and activity of your mind and daily life…. If you are in Singapore, the Wednesday meditation class re-starts this evening! In the spirit of mindful […]


Being the Stone in the River – Ducking Under the Flow of Thoughts

Imagine that you are a stone at the bottom of a river. The flow of the water moves over your top surface without disturbing you at all; you are stable, content and still at the bottom of the river. Build this image in your mind, and then imagine yourself to actually be the stone at […]


Five Methods for Quietening the Mind

Dear Integral Meditators, Some people give up or don’t even try meditation as they think their mind is just too busy, and they can’t still it. Below are five simple methods that you can use to quieten the mind when you feel the need, as well as an outline of some of the benefits. In […]


The River of Concentration

Dear Integral Meditators, Ever sit down to meditate but just get completely overwhelmed by your distractions? The article below explores an image that I use myself to gradually move from busyness to stillness in meditation, not trying to get there too fast. If you are in Singapore, do check out the Integral Meditation Class on […]