Testimonials and Feedback

Review from Selina  from the Honeycombers magazine March 2018: “First up was our meditation and mindfulness session with Toby: if you’re one of those people who’s skeptical about meditation, or struggle to calm your mind (hands up over here), this is the workshop that will win you over, and let you know can do this. He happens to be a former Buddhist monk, and not at all what you’d expect of one: he’s a Londoner who swears and cracks self-effacing jokes – and he articulates the concept of mindfulness in the most modern, natural way. Most meaningfully, he makes meditation and mindfulness incredibly accessible and applicable to daily life. When you snap out of your own busyness trap, sign up for his regular classes…” Read the full article here!

Coaching feedback from client: “…The biggest takeaway from coaching was the transformational attitude adoption that my happiness is my responsibility regardless of “externals”, once I’d dumped and let go of emotional baggage that was weighing me down. I’m living by this construct and being more proactive and humbly assertive in its attainment. The blog articles are useful reminders..”

“Yes, to repeat and reiterate; this (coaching) work and exploration has cleared away barriers and obstacles, and a lot of stuff has fallen into place as a result. To identify, then begin to shift through what was needed to work on for me, would have taken me such a long time without you as a guide/facilitator/mentor if you like the label :)…

…I feel that areas have opened and developed organically in an inter-related flow. This is distinct to other types of “help” and “intervention” I have been through the process of in the past. Very effective. Root cause level, depth of scope and tools for real resolution and integration.” – PCR


From clients attending the Mind of Ease Meditation Workshop:

‘I very much enjoyed the workshop. The basic sequence of practices are very clear and make much more “sense” to me than some of the other approaches to meditation that I’ve tried before. Now I feel motivated to keep meditating’

‘Excellent! Good combination of theory and practice. Very interesting theory, a well rounded and good basis.’

‘Very useful afternoon, I picked up some wonderful tips and felt very relaxed.’

‘I felt like trying this meditation was like trying to train a puppy (my mind being like the puppy, the meditation being like the training). The start has been made and the potential is there for the puppy to grow into a wonderful happy dog!’

‘Great workshop, great tools and techniques learned, thankyou!’

‘I really enjoyed it, it gave me an interesting and down to earth understanding’

Feedback from Mindful Parenting Workshop:

‘I really enjoyed this session and found it very helpful. I often think my parenting ‘problems’ are insurmountable, but the workshop helped bring a new perspective to that’

‘Great! Presented in manageable, easy to practice nuggets for everyday use’

‘Fantastic. Very, very helpful. Has got me interested in attending more sessions with Toby on mindfulness’ 

‘Very good, enjoyed it, very mindful!’

‘Really enjoyed it! An interesting approach as it does not take a lot of time to do, but has made me a lot more aware of my emotions’

‘Enjoyed it! It was useful to remember my childhood experiences and relate them to my kids’

‘Excellent! New ideas such as how we can go back and look at our own childhood to see the perspective of our own children and see their perspectives, very thought provoking!’

‘Some very useful tips to put into practice’

‘I benefited taking the time to think about these issues which effect my life as a parent’

‘Thought provoking, great to look at the parenting process from different perspectives’

‘Good to just step back and reflect and value the importance of taking a mindful minute at regular intervals’

‘Very valuable exercises to integrate into my parenting practice, I found the workshop very useful, thankyou.’

‘A very good workshop, interesting and helpful, thanks Toby!’

Feedback from Participant at the Mindful Parenting workshop: “Excellent three hours of knowledge to take away with. Succinct and easy to comprehend. Casual , yet amazing space created by all the participants, held by Toby.” – D.S

1:1 Coaching client: “Based on my experience I would recommend coaching with Toby to anyone, who would like to develop a mindfulness-practice, move an existing practice to the next level, develop better stress-management techniques, acquire a deeper understanding of emotions and how they can better work for oneself”. – A.M

One persons experience of an online meditation course with Toby: “I have finally completed the Tree of Yoga online course and must tell you how lovely  the experience has been. I sit quietly, listening to your voice and facing my favorite tree which just happens to be outside the window of the room my computer is in!” – K.P

A regular reader of Toby’s Integral Meditations Newsletter: “Dear Toby, I find your articles amazing! In this sense: no matter what your write about, and no matter what is going in my life, what conflict or emotion I am trying to resolve or integrate, I can always gain insights by reading your weekly article!
They are truly helpful. It’s a highlight of the week when I receive your email!
So… Thanks A Lot!!! – NT

Client Testimonial: “Learning to meditate has been one of my most profound and enriching experiences. Toby is a masterful teacher and facilitator.He’s able to bridge his in-depth knowledge and experience as a monk and make it accessible to anyone — whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or busy executive.” – DB.

Feedback from Meditation Coaching Client:

“I found the sessions were easy to follow and at the same time effective. The principle or technique taught was pretty pragmatic/logical, hence easy to understand and practice.
I have seen a good improvement on my approach and handling of day to day ups and downs, since I do the daily meditation at home.
I would definitely recommend other people to attend the sessions.” – DL

Feedback from Meditation Coaching Client:

“I got more than I was expecting!  I thought I was coming for some generic meditation training, to help me focus and meditate more effectively.  What I’ve had is deep emotional coaching, a much better understanding of what meditation is about and how it can be brought into day to day life to help deal with whatever emotions come up.  In addition I’ve now had 3 very different meditations to practice, all tailored to my personal needs.
Would you recommend coaching with Toby to other people, and for what reason?
I already have!  Because I’m sure everyone gets very personal attention and the coaching is tailored to individual needs, it feels very flexible and creative.”


Feedback from Meditation and Shadow coaching client in 2014:

“The lovely, simple techniques you shared have enabled me to be honest with, and about, myself in such a way that is really liberating. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I’ve experienced the benefits….  I love the honesty and practicality of this process and the fact that it’s leading me towards a better understanding and acceptance of myself and ultimately (I hope) to tapping into my full creative potential – in whatever form that may take.”

Q: Would you recommend coaching with Toby to other people, and for what reason?

“Yes, definitely. You created a safe, supportive environment, were willing to share your own personal experiences, were able to listen and tune into what I was struggling to articulate. I felt like you allowed the sessions to take the form they needed to take rather than sticking to a pre-set formula, which was really helpful because it gave me the opportunity to share and ask questions without feeling that I was scuppering an agenda. The fact that you record the sessions is very helpful.”


Mindfulness Session with Cancer Patients:

“After reading a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showing that mindfulness was objectively superior to other supportive therapies in decreasing stress and improving quality of life for breast cancer survivors, I was keen to see Toby at work. I was impressed by Toby’s professionalism and ability to build rapport with our patients quickly. He was able to put everyone at ease and make the workshop fun and enjoyable. Feedback from participants of the session was very positive and everyone came away feeling relaxed and energised. I see mindfulness playing an integral role in the supportive care of patients and I would highly recommend Toby in facilitating it.” – Dr Lynette Ngo.


1:1 Coaching Client:

I was a relative mess when going to see Toby. Talking to someone always helps, but Toby’s easy “beginner’s” meditation sessions were a great way to control the anxiety I was suffering. I also found Toby relating his personal experiences to my own as a great way of telling me that I wasn’t alone.

I would recommend this style of coaching to other people. Whilst Toby has had a different background to most of us, he is an “every day” guy which helps one relate to their own issues and makes the “strange new world” of meditation, easier to approach. Toby is a professional operator – BW


1:1 Coaching Client:

Hi Toby, I’ve been very well since our sessions, thank you. My three sessions with you had a quicker and more profound effect on me than I imaged prior to our first meeting. It was wonderful to tap into the means of clearing the ‘junk’ that needed to be cleared. For that I am truly grateful.

Q: What do you feel the main benefits are that you have received from the coaching sessions with Toby? – Clarity of mind.  I came to Toby as I felt my world was in a bit of a mess and I needed to clear my mind. I wasn’t looking for advice or ‘therapy’ on the what’s or why’s of recent events; however I was looking for the means of clearing bad thoughts & junk that I felt had accumulated – and that I didn’t want in my life.

The three sessions were insightful and surprisingly apt for my situation.  I felt I gained a great deal and while three sessions were enough to set me on the right path, I have the comfort of knowing I have the means to mediate and also the strength to return to sessions if need be.

Q: Would you recommend coaching with Toby to other people, and for what reason? – I would absolutely recommend Toby to other people; and in fact I have,  Because my experience was so positive.

– TB


1:1 Coaching Client:

“Since we started our working relationship all that I wanted to accomplish has been fulfilled. I realize this is not an end and my efforts to keep a healthy body, mind and soul is ongoing. I do have an enormous sense of satisfaction being able to close our mentor /mentee relationship on a high note.” – MJ

Shadow/Stress Transformation Coaching Client:

“Three one hour sessions exploring “shadows” with Toby has been an incredibly enlightening experience. Each session invited me to explore and ultimately understand the part I unconsciously play in social interactions that I find challenging.  Toby subtly, yet powerfully guided me through a voyage of self discovery, allowing me to understand my reaction, and challenge my perception of a situation.” – MS

Shadow Workshop Participant:

“Thank you for the useful tips, since the workshop I have  been practicing shadow meditation and noticed lot of positive changes.” – AS

From a recent “Mind of Ease” Meditation Workshop Participant: “Thankyou very much for the workshop yesterday.

Needless to say I came home very excited about all that I learnt. All along despite my daily pranayama and short meditation practice, I had always been struggling with how the meditation done say in the morning, has a positive effect on the rest of my day. I think what was particularly useful for me was being able to have the chats with you during our session yesterday where you answered all my questions fully. Also, I particularly liked the fact that you taught us how to incorporate positive angles or positive thoughts to any passing thoughts that may enter my mind during the meditation itself.

I think its fantastic that you gave us MP3 recordings of the workshop AND the short meditation practices too.

The document you gave us was also very useful and I particularly liked the idea of the gratitude journal and the power of writing down the positives in our lives to reinforce it. Although I have heard and read that before, the fact that you gave your own personal examples made it much more ‘accessible’ or ‘doable’. We often read a lot about what ‘should’ be done but never quite sure how to do it,  so you made it very clear.

It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and I do hope that I am able to attend future workshops with you. In the meanwhile I will incorporate all that I have learnt so far in my daily routine and day to day life, and will get back to you with questions if I have any

Thank you so much for your time and all the valuable information in print and on line that you shared with us.” – TM


Life Coaching with Toby: “Since we started our working relationship all that I wanted to accomplish has been fulfilled. I realise this is not an end and my efforts to keep a healthy body, mind and soul is ongoing. I do have an enormous sense of satisfaction being able to close our mentor /mentee relationship on a high note.” – MJ


Feedback from Participant in Shadow Workshop: “I have been committed to my journey using a variety if modalities, so i can’t say definitively any one was the one, but i had a major release Sunday at your workshop.  Thankyou very much.  Whew.  The grass is now greener, I slept better than i have in ages, when i woke at my usual 3 am it was without the gnawing feeling of fear!  Everything about this day has just plain worked.  A golden meditation day.

The bells rang and the puzzle pieces fit perfectly as you spoke of the HUGE missing link with other mediation’s, healing modalities, etc that don’t address the shadow.” – JT


Coaching Work  with Toby: I met Toby through his Zen meditation class. I felt a ‘trueness’ about him.There is nothing whatsoever contrived. The stories Toby shares about his life and challenges resonate within me.

With his recommendation I  began using Toby’s classes on “Working with the different sides of the shadow “ and reading about Transactional Analysis, I felt so many puzzle pieces falling into place helping me to accept and understand myself.

Although I felt I was making good progress, I continued to experience a sensation of fear in my stomach and repeatedly experienced an irrational flow of tearsthis is when I made an appointment with Toby for coaching work.

Toby has a depth of timelessness in combination with common sense and reality. He has helped me in identifying core aspects of my behavior in a supportive role. Through the meditations  and techniques I have been given for accepting, allowing, and releasing my uncalled for tears have ceased and the sensation of fear has nearly disappeared. This new beginning has filled me with hope to continue on my journey.

With my best wishes to you.” – JMW, USA/Singapore


A regular meditation class/course attendee: “I think you have a very pleasant way of teaching. Subtle, calm, wise and very down to earth as well even though you are very spiritual,vivid and creative:) I enjoy it alot.

Thanks for being such inspiring teacher in psychology and bridging psychology and spirituality together with direct, wise and natural words. It is so familiar to me and perfect for me to go more in depth at the moment.

I also enjoy the subject Zen and I think you are a great channel of Zen Buddhism etc…” – DS


Feedback on Qi-Gong workshop: “I’ve attended several of Toby’s meditation classes and enjoy the atmosphere of calmness, interesting topics and thought processes the classes trigger. Since I’ve wanted to attend a Qi-Gong class for a while to learn more about what it really is this workshop with Toby was the perfect opportunity to finally do it. I really enjoyed the informative and hands-on workshop and felt relaxed and energized after it. With the easy to follow way Toby explains the things and the great Qi-Gong booklet I already started my Qi-Gong practice that same evening.”


1:1 Coaching: “I engaged Toby’s assistance during a very stressful period in my life.  I found myself feeling constantly exhausted and low, and despite all my efforts I was unable to shift myself out of this state until I engaged Toby. Toby provided guidance on many levels.  His profound philosophical insight and intuitive words of counsel helped me to view my situation in a new light and subsequently see an alternative path around what had been impasse.  Toby also taught me meditation techniques that helped me achieve an inner peace and calm I have never felt before. I regularly draw upon Toby’s words of counsel and mediation techniques during not only during times of stress but also as part of my daily routine to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.  I think very highly of Toby as a counsellor and mentor and regularly recommend him to my clients.” – J.B, Medical Herbalist, Naturopath


On meditation and transpersonal coaching: “Toby has been an extremely encouraging and warm life coach to me. His gentle nature and wisdom helps to bring many of life’s truths across in an easy to understand and practical manner. He indeed encourages me to be bigger than what I can be, and leads me towards fulfilling my greatest potential whilst overcoming my challenges. Witty and understanding, Toby is a mentor, friend and fellow spiritual seeker rolled into one compassionate package! Kudos to Toby and his mentoring work!


Commenting on the weekend mini-retreats: “When I first attended Toby’s Meditation Retreat, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Toby managed to lead us into the session. His sessions are always  simple, refreshing and invigorating and I always come away feeling positive. I highly recommend his retreats as it’s gives us an opportunity to regroup and ‘re-centre’ which is so crucial especially in this manic day and age that we live in. It’s also a great opportunity to meditate along side other like minded individuals. Thank you Toby and I hope these sessions will be more frequent in future.”


1:1 Coaching: “For myself, the coaching sessions got right to the heart of issues I was having. Toby facilitated in a particularly tactful, caring and intuitive way. We really managed to find clear, practical ways to tackle difficulties head on, and immediately.

I was left feeling empowered and supported, understood and confident.

I have undergone several coaching, and personal development training sessions and courses. None were as valuable or tailored as the ones with Toby. I can also revisit my notes if ever I wish to refresh my mind. Many thanks Toby.” – DG

On meditation coaching: “I was a relative newcomer to meditation and had some previous lessons before I first came to see Toby. However, after one lesson with Toby I learned more than I did in all my previous sessions and realised how important it was to have an experienced teacher. He was able to explain the basic methods to me in a way that made sense and my practices very quickly improved. Almost a year later I still benefit from each of our sessions and always come away learning something and feeling good. Thanks Toby” – BM


On Toby’s meditation classes, retreats and workshops: “Toby — one of the unique, differentiating things about you and your methods of facilitation which I really appreciate is that you’re very ‘agnostic’! What do I mean by that? Well, you expose and offer your students a wide variety of different approaches to meditation, always underpinned by a sound intellectual (and importantly, also practical) framework for each one – and for me, this is very satisfying as I can think and feel that I am developing myself along a continuum of knowledge and practice.”


On coaching with Toby: “These sessions have been tremendous for myself and my son.  Together with Toby, we have explored our sense of self, our creativity, our roots, and the beauty of the world around us.  It’s all about the joy of connection.”


On creative spirituality classes: Here are the girls comments, word for word, and without any suggestions or prompting at all…

Sofia: “I enjoy the meditations and what I see when I’m in that meditative state. I also like all the colours that are seen, and that I draw. I like to pick up Toby’s interesting tips on clay sculpting and drawing. I would recommend Toby to my friends and family if they would like to do what I do.”

Olivia: “I enjoy Toby’s class because there’s so much lively spirit in the meditations, and so much creativity for me. I know that Toby will always help us with our pieces of work. That’s why I would always recommend Toby.”


From Peace in the Heart of the City Retreat: “The retreat was a great, sustained period of time for practice, compared to our weekly sessions, and it was nice to affirm (to myself at least!) that I am able to sit for a prolonged period with a decent amount of focus and not too much distraction. I’m looking forward to the next one!”


On the Conscious Breathing workshop: “I really enjoyed your workshop on conscious breathing and came away feeling completely relaxed and energised. As you said many of us do not breathe efficiently for a variety of reasons and so it is very empowering to learn techniques that are so simple and make a difference to how we feel. Its just a question of building it into every day practice.”


On the Childrens creative spirituality classes: ”Hi, we were just talking about your classes and thought to share the talk with you.

We are really enjoying the classes. We all seem pleased and surprised by our art, and how vividly it comes through the meditations. We love the outcomes, and I for one, the process too! (the girls words-l) Olivia is amazed at her visualizations and really likes the whole experience. She feels fortunate about it all.

Sofia would make the smiling a little shorter. She loves her art, and really likes the classes.”


Feedback from Walking meditation workshop: “– I was amazed at how simple Toby’s steps are, and how ‘portable’ walking meditation can be as a practical, everyday energy balancer or enhancer. You can literally take it wherever you go, wherever you are …in the park, on the beach, in a busy airport, and even in the confines of your own home. An instant, private oasis of tranquillity at your feet!

Unlike sitting meditation, walking meditation made me more aware and appreciative of the environment, and how to commune better with nature. For the first time, I began to truly sense and feel the energy of the earth, trees and plants around me, and how they can help me centre myself and regain harmony.”


On the meditation classes in general and the Walking Meditation workshop: 

“Recent classes with you have been most valuable! The outdoor walking helped me easily connect to nature on a holistic scale and feel energized nurtured and a strong sense of belonging (perfect timing) it put things into perspective. I felt incredibly at ease and peace.

The levels at which I sensed everything were as a profound conversation with all of nature and creation. It was really loving and personal.

Tuesdays class was striking. Many of the things you said felt personally for myself. Things I’ve been attempting to improve! I got that I’ve not been nurturing or allowing much of my ego, seeing it all as a potential saboteur!! Not sure how this may have affected me? The balance and resolving of past issues was interesting, I now have little idea of where I really am! I thought I had made substantial progress in recent years and months, yet the imbalance, challenges, lack of calm and peace remain. (internal and external, usually the latter first!) So I’m affected still by externals, still possibly in a control play situation, still lacking personal assurance and peace which can endure the upsets.

I feel more spiritually accompanied than ever, which I love, yet I feel different and disconnected too.

I really appreciate your classes, and the discoveries.”