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February 2012

Mindfulness of the Sacred

Hi Everyone, How much of your day is spent in expereintial touch with a sense of the sacred as you understand it? How would your life be different if you were to deliberately cultivate that connection to the sacred? This weeks article explores this question. You can also find below the dates and titles for […]


Zen Flowers, Zen Doorways

Hi Everyone, This week’s newsletter looks at Zen meditation practice from two lenses, firstly there is the class this coming Wednesday 22nd February entitled “Zen and the Flower of Life” which looks at Zen practice from the perspective of the original teaching of the Buddha from which Zen meditation is said to derive. Secondly, this week’s meditation […]


Your Ego as Resistance to What is Present

Hi Everyone, The theme of this week’s newsletter is the perennial spiritual theme of learning to live more fully into the present moment. This week’s article is on the subject of how and why our ego resists living in the present moment, and gives a specific technique for us to start tackling this resistance. Yours in […]


Meditating on the Core of Your Body

Hi Everyone, This weeks article details a meditation that I teach quite often in my Qi Gong meditation classes; meditating upon and breathing with the core of your body. It is a simple but profound way of learning how to positively connect and direct your subtle energies. Toby Article of the Week: Meditating on Your Body’s […]