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August 2012

Isn’t it About Time You Got Your Inner Self in Shape? (Integral Inner Fitness Training)

Dear Everyone, Isn’t it about time you got your inner self in shape? Its time to stop procrastinating and get your mind looking looking sleek, svelte and sexy! Yes, the Integral Meditation Asia meditation term starts this Sunday with the three hour Mind of Ease workshop (full details below), and then continues with the Mind of […]


Finding Permanence Within the Impermanent and Fulfillment Within the Dissatisfying

Dear Integral Meditators, One of the main qualities that I teach in my “Mind of Ease” meditation classes is that really core to the “Ease” is to learn to identify aspects of our moment to moment experience that are permanent, solid and reliable. In the article below I explore this theme, I hope you enjoy it! Yours […]


What Does it Really take to Develop a Mind of Ease? Meditation Classes and Courses at Integral Meditation Asia in September 2012

Hi Everyone, In September Integral Meditation Asia will be offering two courses on How to Develop a Mind of Ease, Relaxed Concentration and Positive Intention, the first is a three hour workshop on the 2nd September and the second is a five week course on Wednesday evenings, starting on the 5th September . In this message I want to talk a little […]


Resting in Safety, Thriving on Risk

Dear Everyone, Do you ever have the experience when you sit down to meditate but you find that your mind and body are so tightly wound up that it takes three quarters of the session to stop fighting with them and actually enjoying some peace of mind? The practice of “Resting in Safety” is one that I […]


Three Levels of Self, Three Levels of Focus-in-Time

Dear Everyone, Meditation practice encourages us to keep asking the question “who am I?” and to continue to bring awareness to the different aspects of self that we become aware of as we continue to ask this question. This weeks article looks at three different aspects of self, and how we can start to use […]


The Birth of Integral Meditation Asia

Dear Everyone, I just wanted to write a quick email to you to announce the birth of Integral Meditation Asia. IMA is a project I have been working on in quite a focused way over the last month, and that I have had in mind for the best part of 2012. It is something I […]