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December 2012

Engaged Equanimity

Dear Integral Meditators, The new year beckons, and this is the new year edition of the Integral Meditations newsletter! 2012 has certainly been a deeply transformative year for me, and looking forward to 2013 the promise does seem to be that this will continue. When thinking about the qualities that I would most like to […]


Meditation at Christmas – Mindful Eating

Dear Integral Meditators, Sincerest best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season  from myself and Integral Meditation Asia. Enjoy this weeks article! Yours in the spirit of the journey, Toby Mindful Eating As Your Object of Meditation The Christmas season is upon us, which, amongst other things involves gathering together to enjoy […]


Energetic Self-Healing

Hi Everyone, I hope this message finds you well, this weeks article focuses on a practical healing technique that you may be surprised at both the simplicity and effectiveness of, enjoy! The other practical piece of news from Integral Meditation Asia is that there are now structured meditation and life coaching programs, lasting from 3-6 months available. […]


Light-Heartedness as Your Object of Meditation

Hi Everyone, Light-heartedness is the theme of this weeks article, a seriously important meditation if you ask me!   Happy meditating! Toby Taking Light-Heartedness as Your Object of Meditation Light-heartedness is a state of mind and being that combines the elements of serious mindedness and deep caring with a sense of lightness and fun. It avoids […]


What Does it Mean to Meditate on Non-Doing?

Dear Toby, In last week’s article I talked about balancing the development of the ego and the spirit, in this week’s article I take a practical look at non-doing, a powerful practice for developing your spiritual being that also has many benefits on the other levels of your being. It comes under the category of practices that […]