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January 2013

Soft Forms of Psychic Self Defence

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at some somewhat counter-intuitive forms of inner psychic defence, which I hope you will enjoy and be able to relate to. Yours in the spirit of strength in softness, Toby   Soft forms of Psychic Self-Defence  Normally when we think of psychic self-defence, both in the sense of defence from […]


The Pattern of Meditation

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article on the pattern of meditation is really a summary of one of the big themes that has come out of the last two meditation workshops that I have done in January. I think if we understand this basic principle then it really helps to gain clarity on the what […]


On Real Men, Daffodils and Chihuahuas

Dear All, This weeks article looks at ways in which we can encourage ourselves to get out of the ‘ordinary appearances’ that so often prevent us from living a full and vibrant life. Quick reminder of this coming Wednesday’s  “Introduction to Meditation From the Perspective of Zen” . There are maybe three or four places left, so if […]


The Inner Sharks of the Mind

This weeks article takes an example from nature as a way of gaining insight on how to deal with the disturbances in our mind that we might normally try and run away from. Sometimes an image really does speak a thousand words, and I find this particular image very helpful in both dealing with my […]


Are You a Product of the Times or the Subject of Your Own Inner Time?

Hi All, This weeks article looks at the difference between being a product of outer time, the a subject of your own sense of inner time. Another way of putting this is how can we deal effectively with the outer forces impinging upon our life, whilst at the same time honoring that which is arising […]