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October 2013

How Can We Experience Integral Vision? (And a list of the free meditations posted for October)

Dear Integral Meditators, Meditation and the development of expanded states of awareness always needs to go hand in glove with psychological development and maturity. This weeks article  looks at one method I use in my coaching practice to help people (and myself, I do use it myself!) to develop a more mature psychological vision of […]


Shifting Down the Gears – On Meditation and Power Napping

Dear Integral Meditators, I’m a great believer in power napping, in fact I am quite a believer in napping in general! This is not just because it is a good way of relaxing, from a meditation training point of view a nap offers a great opportunity to bring the experience of our ordinary everyday mind […]


Glimpsing Spirit – How do You Meditate on Something That is Beyond the Mind?

Dear Integral Meditators, For me one of the major benefits of being a meditator is that it opens us up experientially to a place and a space of rest, regeneration and renewal that we can go to at any time. It is a place  that is there for us no matter what else is going […]


Transforming Specific Aspects of Your Past Through Shadow Meditation

Dear Integral Meditators, I hope that you have had a good week that you feel has served your inner growth well! This weeks article explains an meditation practice that I really have something of a soft spot for, and that is of real practical value. Our past experience is constantly impacting our experience of the […]