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November 2015

Establishing Your Basic Mindful Flow State

Dear Integral Meditators, Meditation and mindfulness are about developing flow-states. The article below shows you how you can build your basic flow state from the ground up into a stable, diverse and enjoyable mindfulness practice. In the spirit of flow, Toby The Warrior and the Lover – Establishing Your Basic Mindful Flow State Effective meditation […]


The Theme of Harmony; Another recent soul portrait

Here is another receont portrait that I did. You can see one of the principle themes here is that of harmony and flow, with the ‘fibonacci-like’ spiral in the forground, a lot of flowing blue-green forms as well as the polarity between the sun & moon/night & day. Click on the image to see a […]


The Creativity of the Soul; Reflections on a recent soul portrait

Here’s a soul portrait that I did recently, one of the main themes of this one is creativity; you can see that in the center there is almost what looks like a pine cone from which are emerging many spirals of light, like a mind giving birth to countless ideas an inspirations! Click on the […]


Four Levels or Dimensions of Conscious Self Love

Dear Integral Meditators, Our relationship to ourself is the basis of our relationship to the rest of the world, this weeks article looks at how we can consistently improve that relationship by working with four levels of self-love. In the spirit of celebrating self, Toby Four Levels or Dimensions of Conscious Self Love Self love […]


The Dance of Mindful Supression and Repression

Dear Integral Meditators, Meditation and mindfulness encourage states of mental and emotional flow, but achieving these states consistently is tough if we are habitually supressing and repressing the content of our consciousness in an unhealthy way. The article below looks at how we can mindfully grow a positive relationship to suppression and repression, so that […]


Mindfulness – Facilitating Your Own Experiential Learning

Dear Integral Meditators, This week I have led a couple of mindfulness workshops and discussions where I have defined mindfulness as an activity that facilitates and enhances your own experiential learning. In the artile below I explain a bit about how this works. In the spirit of the journey, Toby Mindfulness – Facilitating Your Own […]