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June 2016

Mindful Mobility – Stepping in and out of the river

Dear Toby, Building inner flexibility and mobility are really core parts of an integrated mindfulness practice, in the article below I explain two core practices for building mindful mobility. In the spirit of mindful perspective taking, Toby Mindful Mobility – Stepping in and out of the river (& from self to other) One of the fundamental […]


Calm abiding, beautiful breathing (Inner air conditioning)

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen if you were able to focus your mind in a state of calm abiding at will, or at least more often? This weeks article explores this theme and how you can start developing this skill today! In the spirit of the strength of calm, Toby Calm abiding, beautiful breathing […]


Three levels of non-striving

Dear Integral Meditators, Is it possible by letting go of our striving to then learn how to strive better? That is the topic of this weeks article! Mindful goals coaching offer ends tomorrow, 8th June. In the spirit of non-striving, Toby Three levels of non-striving In a previous article on non-striving I defined non-striving as […]


Mindfulness of feelings – The principle of flow

Dear Integral Meditators, In my writings on mindfulness I speak quite a lot about the principle of flow. In the article below I explore it with regard to mindfulness of our feelings, and how to create a healthy, self-cleansing emotional body by using a simple image and exercise. In the spirit of the flowing river, […]