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May 2017

Mindfully balancing positive thinking with healthy realism (Steering clear of cynicism and the Pollyanna complex)

Dear Integral Meditation Asia, Is it possible to balance positive thinking with healthy, critical realism? The article below explores some mindful pointers for doing both, together in a mutually supporting manner. The class schedule for June is out, see the schedule below the article. It includes Practical meditations for spiritual awakening , an Integral meditation & mindful walking retreat […]


Meditation as an act of being rather than doing

Dear Integral Meditators, How can meditation help us improve the quality of our life? The article below explores this topic in a practical way. In the spirit of being, Toby Meditation as an act of being rather than doing  The title of this article is extremely useful definition of meditation, and one that is very […]


How much effort do I need? – Mindful ergonomics

Dear Integral Meditators, Coping with stress, fatigue, getting what we need to do done is a challenge for all of us. One of the ways in which mindfulness can really help us in this regard is by encouraging us to put only as much effort as we need into a task in order to get […]


Meditation – Life as a positive mindfulness game

Dear Integral meditators, What if meditation was not something so much that you sit down and ‘do’each day as a way of paying attention to your world? The article below looks at this idea in a practical way. In the spirit of the journey, Toby   Meditation – Life as a positive mindfulness game Meditation […]


Mindfully building a resilient relationship to yourself – Three levels

Dear Integral Meditators, Over the year I’ve observed that the better my relationship to myself, the more enjoyable my life is, and the more things start to fall in place naturally in their own time for me. The article below explores how to build a healthy relationship to yourself using mindfulness. In the spirit of […]