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July 2017

Closing the gap between what you think, say and do

Dear Integral Meditators, Do your thoughts, speach and actions match up, or is there a gap between them? The article below offers some thoughts on mindfully aligning these different aspects of ourself, and why we should be interested in doing so! In the spirit of integration, Toby Closing the gap between what you think, say […]


Is calmer always better?

Dear Integral Meditators, Is the goal of meditation and mindfulness always to make you calmer? The article below considers this question from a number of angles that are important to consider in our day to day practice… In the spirit of dynamic calm, Toby For those in Singapore, this weeks Tuesday & Wednesday class will be meditating […]


Witnessing like the Sun

Dear Integral Meditators, Taking a position as an observer or witness is a fundamental position that we practice when being mindful, but can it make us too cold and detached? The article below explores this theme, and how to build an integrated and balanced witnessing practice. For those in Singapore, this evening’s  Wednesday class will be […]


‘Turtling up’ – Dealing mindfully with information overload

Dear Integral Meditators , One of the most challenging aspects of living in the information age is that, as it implies, there is so much information around that we are asked to digest. The article below considers how formal & informal mindfulness can help us with this. For those in Singapore, this Tuesday & Wednesday‘s class will be […]