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November 2017

Solve no problem (& leave no problem unsolved)

Dear Integral Meditators, How can you reduce your stress and anxiety at the same time as becoming more effective at solving your problems? The article below explores a practical mindful perspective on this… For those in Singapore, a final reminder of this Saturday morning’s workshop– The Six Qi Gong Healing sounds: Qi gong For Self-Healing and […]


Caring too much?

Dear Integral Meditators, If you think about mindfulness and meditation practice, you might think of it as a way of becoming more caring and more loving. However, our mindfulness may sometimes tell us that we need to care less. How does this work? The article below considers this question. Those in Singapore a quick reminder of […]


When receiving is giving and giving is receiving

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen if you brought your mindful attention to the way in which you currently give & receive? The article below offers a practical way of exploring this. It also suggests a way of deriving sustainable happiness & pleasure from both receiving & giving. Toby When receiving is giving and giving […]