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April 2018

Meditating with Your Inner Family

Dear Integral Meditators, What if as well as an outer family, you had an ‘inner family’ as well that you could draw upon for support as you go through the challenges of your life? The article below invites you to discover just such a family. In the spirit of your inner family unit, Meditating with […]


Dealing mindfully with anger and conflict in your relationships

Dear Integral Meditators, There is a strong relationship between anger and power. If you can own your anger and learn to wield it as a force for the good in life, your sense of personal power will increase correspondingly. The article also looks at how to mange conflict in your relationships using mindful questions and […]


Facing what you cannot face (Mindful inoculation)

Dear integral Meditators, This weeks article explores the idea of ‘mindful inoculation’, how you can become stronger and more resilient by deliberately turning and facing your most difficult inner issues. It’s a dimension of the ‘shadow work’ that I do. In the spirit of turning and facing, Toby   Facing what you cannot face (Mindful […]


Four functional purposes of moving into stillness

Dear Integral Meditators, Why bother continuing to cultivate stillness and reduced thinking through meditation? The article below considers four compelling reasons to keep you motivated! In the spirit of stillness, Toby Live in Singapore this week: At this Tuesday & Wednesday‘s meditation class we will be focusing on self awareness though meditation, all welcome! If your looking to give your […]