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May 2018

Meditation – Centering around simplicity (to thrive on complexity)  

Dear Integral Meditators, We all have complex challenges in our lives these days, how can meditation help you deal better with that? The article below offers one answer! It’s Wesak day today, so wishing you all a happy Buddha’s enlightenment/birthday day today! I’ll be doing a Wesak Day meditation tonight and tomorrow evening, those in Singapore most […]


Mental framing – Sculpting your view of life

Dear Integral Meditators, We are never in 100% charge of what we experience in life, but we can determine the way in which we experience what happens. This week’s article explores how to mindfully take advantage of this truth! In the spirit of sculpting & framing, Toby For those in Singapore: This weeks Tuesday & Wednesday evening meditation class focuses on seven mindful positions that […]


The mindful way to becoming a Titan

Dear Integral Meditators, What are the real mindful keys to getting to where you want to go, and really achieving the things that you want in your life? My article below on ‘Becoming a mindful Titan’ offers a few perspectives! In the spirit of great achievement, Toby Mindful Goals Coaching special offer: Extended until Thursday 17th May there is […]


Mastering your mind through mindfulness – Seven skills

Dear Integral Meditators, What does it mean to be a ‘Master of your mind’? In the article below I outline seven mindful skills that I have found to be particularly useful with regard to my mind, thoughts and thinking. They have continued to be effective for me and deliver value over long periods of time. […]


Giving your heart whole (Creating a ‘high functioning’ heart)

Dear Integral Meditators, In order to get the most out of life, you have to give yourself whole heartedly to it without holding back. But what happens when you give yourself whole heartedly to a person, a project or a cause, and you get hurt, abused, rejected or taken advantage of? This weeks article offers […]