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September 2019

Meditation: Expanding your state-vocabulary

W “The discipline and art of the meditator is to keep yourself in a balanced, positive state of mind as much as possible as you go through the day, despite what obstacles may come up.”   W Dear Integal Meditators, What is meditation? How can we understand the principles of it, in order to practice it […]


Letting your inner landscape come alive

C “When you turn and face the inner landscape of your mind, you start to see things about your inner self that are interesting and magical, and that unless you sat still and watched, you would never be aware of” C Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article invites you to see your inner world as […]


Letting your mind come home to roost

W “Imagine your mind is like a bird that has been flying around busily from this place to that, never resting. Meditation is like that bird coming back to its nest, it’s home, to rest, to regenerate and gain strength.”  W Dear Integral Meditators,This weeks article uses an image as its object of meditation, I […]


Balancing your knowledge with wisdom (letting go)

K “Knowledge is learning something every day, wisdom is letting go of something every day” – Zen Proverb Dear Integral Meditators,This weeks article explores how we can balace our accumulation of knowledge with the wisdom of letting go. Enjoy! In the spirit of  wisdom, Toby     Balancing your knowledge with wisdom (letting go) “Knowledge […]