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October 2019

Mindfully working with your physical heart

W “The principle healing agent with mindfulness is always conscious awareness itself. But there are other emotional and mental healing agents that naturally start to flow in as a result of the primary act of conscious attention.” a Dear Integral Meditators,This weeks article focuses on the physical heart as your object of mindful attention. Enjoy! In […]


Taking the big picture view

W “One big source of stress and dis-ease in our life is that we often get caught in the small picture, the details of what we are doing or participating in. We lose our sense of the big picture, and the objectivity and balance that it gives us”  W Dear Integral Meditators, One ‘mindful position’ […]


Choosing to be on Your Own Side

W ‘Are you for yourself or against yourself?’   N Dear Integral Meditators, Of the articles I have written, this is one of  my favorites. In the spirit of being on our own sides, Toby Choosing to be on Your Own Side When you take a creative chance in your business and it does not come out […]