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February 2020

Working with the ‘Big Dog’ of your shadow self (Building inner strength)

W “By making friends with the ‘big dog’ of your shadow, a lot of the difficult and challenging parts of yourself that previously you ran away from will cease to feel threatening to you.”  W Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses upon how you can build a positive relationship to your shadow self, and […]


Getting comfortable in your own skin

W “We all want a place where we can feel ‘at home’. We can change house, town or country in order to feel more at home, but the one thing we cant change is our physical body. If we feel at home in our body, then wherever we are in life, we can ‘sit’ in […]


Mindfully getting outside of your comfort zone

W “Often, discovering the best that is possible for us in life involves deliberately, soulfully and mindfully getting out of our comfort zone! What can you start with today?”  W Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article explores the relationship between comfort and discomfort, and how to create a complementary relationship between the two. You can […]