An undistracted mind

“At the end of the day one of the major keys to an undistracted mind is to commit to living your life on purpose!”

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What do we mean by distraction? And how can we get better at living an undistracted life? The article below explores these questions in a practical way!

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What do you mean by ‘a distraction?’ (Living your life on purpose)

Here was a question that I was recently asked: “Based on your experience, what are some things people are usually distracted by that they don’t recognise as forms of distraction?”

Here are a few ways in which we can be distracted without realizing it:

  1. When you are focused on one form of work when really you are avoiding another work task which you have emotional resistance to or are anxious about
  2. When you are focused on one emotion (eg: anger) which is really a way of hiding another emotion that you don’t want to acknowledge (for example disappointment or sadness)
  3. Essentially anytime when you have set an intention to do or focus on one thing, and then you focus on another can be classed as a distraction for example:
  • Said you were going to exercise, but then start some work
  • Intended to work, but ended up folding the laundry
  • Intended to fold the laundry, but ended up talking to a friend for half an hour on the phone

All of these can be understood as distractions.

Why do we follow distractions or get distracted?
Reasons for this include:

  • Our focusing power is naturally poor as a result of habitually filling our mind with all sorts of information, and that information changing all the time
  • Being mentally fatigued and so not able to focus properly. Many people have long term mental fatigue from an overactive and distracted mind
  • Being anxious and not comfortable being anxious, which means the mind naturally cannot settle and seeks distraction
  • We use distractions to hide from a whole range of uncomfortable emotions!
  • Not being clear what we really want to focus our energy and attention on, so naturally our mind and attention wanders
  • Trying to focus to hard, which means the mind cannot hold the object of focus for long due to over straining

How can you strengthen your focus?
Here are two simple things you can do:

  1. Practice building relaxed focus in meditation. Even if you spend only five minutes a day setting your intention to focus on one meditation object and then practicing, your focus will radically improve.
  2. Practice focusing on one work or leisure task at a time; finish one thing, then the next thing, then the next!

At the end of the day one of the major keys to an undistracted mind is to commit to living your life on purpose!

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