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December 2020

Your emotional feeling tones

“By starting to notice and to play around with your emotional tones, you discover that you can ‘change the song of your life’ like a composer re-working her compositions.” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article points out some playful ways to work with your emotional experience and range using mindfulness, I hope you enjoy it! […]


The Art of Non-emergency

“Spending a few minutes each day recognizing and relaxing into safety can really help you take the idea of non-emergency into an actual experience that you can use to change the quality of your life.”   Dear Integral Meditators, I hope you have been enjoying the Winter Solstice period! This weeks article is a fundamental […]


Meditating like a sponge (Cultivating singularity)

“Any activity that takes us from a state of diversity, distraction and fragmentation to a state of unity, or singularity is meditation” Dear Integral Meditators, What is meditation? How do you become a real meditator in the real sense of the word? How can you start to build ‘super-normal’ capacities on an inner level, at […]


Giving back anxiety that is not yours

“Owning and dealing with your anxiety well is an important life skill, However, sometimes the anxiety we experience is not entirely our own, and the solution to it is to recognize this and sometimes simply to give it back.” Dear Integral Meditators, What’s the boundary between what you feel, and the feelings of those around […]