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February 2021

The more you have, the more you get (finding energy through mindset)

“If you trust yourself, then when you are under pressure, you will tend to trust your mind, your perception and ability to assess things well. This in turn means energy can flow easily in a relaxed manner through you, even when a lot is being asked of you” Dear Integral Meditators, Here is my second article […]


Ever increasing loops of energy

Dear Integral Meditators, What if for the course of this next year  you were able to spend most of your day in a state of mind that was conducive to energy creation, thriving and affirmative action? The article below explores three such states, and I’ll be writing a second article next week with another four […]


Opening to the abundance of possibility

“When we build a state of openness to possibility in meditation, we can make it part of our approach to daily life. Our world becomes a place of abundance and wealth. Our open-ness to possibility becomes a source of energy for us, feeding us as we move into the unknown.” Dear Integral Meditators Faced with […]


Self-responsibility – Becoming a self-determining entity

Dear Integral Meditators, What is the link between mindfulness and self-responsibility? This weeks article explores the interface of these two. In the spirit of self-determination, Toby         Self-responsibility – Becoming a self-determining entity We are surrounded by forces that are attempting to move us in one direction or another, capture our attention, […]