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Smiling to your inner organs meditation recording

Dear Toby,

This week’s offering is a guided meditation recording of a technique called Smiling to your inner organs. It is a traditional Taoist/ Qi gong meditation technique where you learn to:

  • Use your meditative focus to send healthy, regenerative energy to your internal organs, in order to restore their balance and health
  • By restoring your internal organs to balance, you change your emotions and emotional energy
  • By changing your emotional energy, you change your mind, experience and the way you think!

Listen to the ‘Smiling to your inner organs meditation’

You can read my previous article on the inner smile meditation, and you can see a traditional chart of internal organ/emotion correspondences in the chart below from Mantak Chia’s website.

Final call for this evenings and tomorrow evenings Wesak Meditation.

In the spirit of inner balance,


Chart of organs Transform emotions Colours Animals Element
Heart Hate, cruelty to love,  compassion Red Eagle Fire
Lungs Grief, depression to joy, courage White Tiger Metal
Liver Anger, resentment to forgiveness, acceptance Green Deer Wood
Stomach/ Spleen/ Pancreas Worry, anxiety to faith, fairness Yellow Monkey Earth
Kidneys Fear & Stress to security,  Deep calm blue Bear Water

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