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June 2021

Optimistic Stoicism

“There is a wonder in the continuous change that surrounds us. It invites us to notice that the ‘perfect happiness’ that we are seeing for may be hidden in plain sight, right amongst the present messy unfolding of our life today.”   Dear Integral Meditators, This year has been full of twists and turns. This […]


Meditating with your parental self

“If we are already, or have aspirations to be an outer parent, needless to say the better our relationship to inner parenting we have, the more equipped we are to be a competent outer parent” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on how to start working with the psychological sub-personality known as the ‘inner […]


Liberation from the seeking mind

“Stop seeking and practice arriving“ Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at meditation as a type of non-seeking through which you can find inner liberation. Its a practice that I enjoy tremendously myself! The Integral Mindfulness Program for Coaches, Counselors & Therapists in July is now no longer on a 20% early bird offer, but […]


Transforming worry to wise concern

“Cultivate feelings of confidence and self-trust around your problems, and think about them from this position, rather than intimidation and rumination” Dear Integral Meditators, What would it take to transform your worrying to wise concern? This weeks article explores a few practical pointers! Full details of all sessions in June are below, as well as […]