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Black & white meditation (+Samhain +Full moon)

“Where initially we thought there was just a dark, dull space, we discover a bright, clarifying, regenerative inner space that we can go to each day to center and rebuild our inner strength” Dear Integral Meditators, My daughter tried out meditation a couple of weeks ago, my article below is a response to some of […]


Matching your expectation with reality (the sleeping or waking baby)

“How can I align my expectations and my reality in this situation?” Dear Toby, There are plenty of ways of building your inner peace and resilience, the article below explores one that I’ve found to be very important over the years! You can also watch my short video on the subect here. Heads up for the Mindful […]


Traveling while staying indoors: How to meditate with landscape

Dear Integral Meditators, How can you travel while staying indoors? This is a good question to ask! I’ve been meditating on landscape for decades now. Its a simple way to enjoy meditation time, and often a surprisingly quick path to deep meditation states. Here’s a 25minute guided meditation on how to meditate on landscape from […]


Getting comfortable in your own skin

W “We all want a place where we can feel ‘at home’. We can change house, town or country in order to feel more at home, but the one thing we cant change is our physical body. If we feel at home in our body, then wherever we are in life, we can ‘sit’ in […]


When is a Problem Really a Problem? The Liberating Power of Perspective

How many of the ‘problems’ in our life are inherently so, and how many are simply our mind making things into problems? This video explores this question on a (literally!) practical level…