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Walking Meditation

Finding your somatic & psychological balance

“Balancing thoughts and emotions can be tricky, as they are so fast moving and changeable. The best place to start building stable balance is in the body. If you can create the feeling of balance in the body, then you can use it as the basis of resilient psychological balance.” Dear Integral Meditators, The article below […]


Aspects of environmental meditation

“Sitting or walking, expanding your awareness to include the presence of the earth, moon, sun and stars” Dear Integral meditators, The article below explores environmental meditation, which is a real core of my own practice these days. If you enjoy the article, then I will be doing an Environmental meditation masterclass – Working consciously with the […]


How to do walking meditation (plus free ‘Mindful moments’ video course)

Dear Integral Meditators, This week’s post has two components. The second is a series of five free videos for you to follow along to that I did with the Movement for modern life yoga website in the summer. The first is an article on how to do walking meditation. In the spirit of mindfulness in […]


On Regenerating Your Energy Body and Walking Meditation

This week’s article looks at the need to develop a healthy mind-body connection and how to increase the amount of subtle energy, or ‘qi’ within our body. There is an opportunity for those of you in Singapore to participate in a Qi gong walking meditation class this coming Sunday morning, 4th December; I have placed the full details […]


The Basic Fundamentals of Walking Meditation

Many people who think of meditation often think of a formal exercise involving sitting still on a chair or cushion with our eyes closed. It can come as a bit of a surprise to such people to find out that walking can be considered a form of meditation practice, and that walking meditation can become […]