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Understanding and working with your Guardian Angel

Dear  Integral Meditators, Every now and again I do an article on something a little esoteric, usually informed by what is going on in my own meditation process. This week’s article is on how to understand work mindfully with the idea of your Guardian Angel. If you enjoy it, then on Sunday 27th January, 2-5pm I’ll be […]


Three Liberating Wisdom Perspectives on the Self

Hi Everyone, One of the fundamental questions on the spiritual path  is “who am I?” This weeks article looks at three perspectives that can help us to see a little deeper into the nature of our own self. A quick reminder of this Wednesday evenings meditation class on “The Essential Meditation of the Buddha”, 7.30-8.30pm. You […]


Your Self-Sense as Your Object of Meditation

Hi Everyone! Usually when we think of ourself, or reflect on the question “Who am I?” it seems as if there is some form of permanent, fixed, singular self that is there somewhere inside us that remains the same no matter what. However, if we look and observe a little more deeply we start to […]