Energizing Your Body-Mind With Cellular Breathing (Article and guided recording)

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This weekend’s article explains a technique that I call ‘core cellular breathing’ which is a technique I teach for energizing and healing your body-mind. You can also listen to a five minute guided meditation on core cellular breathing by clicking on this link:

Core cellular breathing guided meditation (5mins)

In case you missed it here is the link to the free meditation on ‘listening to your breathing’ that I posted mid-week.

Both of these are examples of the types of mindful breathing technique that I will be teaching in my 2 hour evening workshop An Introduction to Mindful Breathing which I will be doing on Tuesday evening 25th March, so if you enjoy listening to the guided meditations, then you might enjoy coming along to this workshop. There are a number of very standard ways of teaching and practicing mindful breathing out there, as I hope these guided meditation samples indicate, the methods I teach are original, simple, creative and effective, and go well beyond the standard format!

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Energizing Your Body-Mind With Cellular Breathing 

This meditation is designed to directly stimulate the subtle energy within your physical body; increasing your energy, facilitating physical healing and also encouraging blocked emotional energies in your body to be released. Thus it works on both the physical and psychological level of-our body mind.

Implicitly it also invites practical awareness of a universal or spiritual level of energy that we can draw upon and use in practical ways in our daily life.

It is a form of mindful energy-breathing that I developed myself through daily qi-gong practice. I have found that breathing in this way is a very simple and effective method for healing and balancing the energy of your body-mind.

The method:

Sit comfortably and take a few centring breaths, focusing on your body. You can either breathe in through the nose and out through the nose, or in through the nose and out through the mouth, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Now as you breathe in, feel yourself breathing in not just with your nose and lungs, but with all the cells of your body. As you breathe in, feel all the cells of your body breathing in with you. As you breathe out feel all the cells of your body breathing out. Practice this form of full body breathing for a few breaths.

Now see in the centre of all the cells of your body there is a point of life-force and energy. As you breathe in focus on these points of energy within the centre of each cell, and see them glowing intensely with light.

Now as you exhale, see these points of light and energy expanding out into your cells, lighting up your body and cellular structure like a light bulb.

Continue to breathe in this way for a period of up to five minutes. You can extend this if you like once you are used to the technique, but in the beginning short periods are best.

It is a good idea to finnish with a brief period of silence and stillness.



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