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Listening to the Breathing – Free Meditation Recording (Plus Upcoming Mindful Breathing Workshop)

Dear Integral Meditators,

In each moment your breathing is providing you with a wealth of insight about the way in which you are thinking, feeling and experiencing your life. I’ve just created a short, 5 minute meditation on a practice I call “listening to the breathing” that will help you access that insight and use it to increase the amount of understanding, relaxation and ease that you experience in your life. You can have a listen to it right now by clicking here:

Listening to the Breathing Mindfulness Exercise (5mins)

Listening to the breathing is one example of the practices that I will be teaching in a short 2 hour workshop on Mindful Breathing on the 25th March. The full details are below.

Yours in the spirit of listening and awareness,



Introduction to Mindful Breathing 

A Two Hour Meditation Workshop

Time: 7.30-9.30pmIntertwined Trees

Date: Tuesday, 25th March

Location: Basic Essence, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #04-04 Cluny Court, Singapore 259760. Click HERE to see map of location.

In a sentence: Learn how you can improve the quality of your life and create a deeper connection to yourself through mindful breathing!

Overview: This is a two hour workshop that gives a deeply practical introduction to how to practice mindful breathing meditation in order to:

  • Reduce and re-direct your experience of stress and anxiety
  • Develop a greater sense of centeredness and self-confidence as well as a deeper connection to yourself
  • Become mentally clearer, less distracted and more positively focused
  • Become more energized and present
  • Experience deeper and more positive emotions and feelings

All of these positive results can be achieved by learning specific methods of mindful breathing that you can be easily integrate into even the busiest daily routine.


Workshop Schedule (timings approximate):

There will be four short mindful breathing meditations in the workshop, with talks, discussions and one short break in between

1st half hour: Introduction, Meditation on basic breathing awareness, and breathing for bringing the body-mind into balance, Talk and discussion.

2nd half hour: Talk on breathing technique, Meditation on breathing for releasing stress and tension, and finding your inner centre.

3rd half hour: Meditation for energizing your body-mind and developing focus/clarity, followed by talk and discussion

4th half hour: Breathing meditation for processing difficult emotions and thoughts, and for stimulating positive and beneficial feelings. Concluding Q&A

In addition to the workshop you will also receive:

  • complete set of workshop notes outlining all the techniques we do in the workshop.
  • The MP3 recordings of each of the meditations in the class so that you can take them away and practice them easily and confidently in your daily life once the workshop is completed.


Cost of Workshop: Sing$70


To register or for further details contact: or SMS 65-96750279