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April 2019

Mindful ergonomics – Making the most of your energy

 Y “Energy saved is energy you can be using elsewhere in your life to find fulfilment and wellbeing. How can you be more mindfully ergonomic with your energy today?”  Dear Integral Meditators, What if you were able to create 10% more energy in your life today, through mindfulness? The article below explores simple ways to […]


Self-acceptance – You are not the enemy!

z “Self-acceptance involves the ability to hold ourselves lightly and playfully…well-practised, self-acceptance leads to self-empowerment and enjoyment, not resignation!”  w  w Dear Toby The state of self-acceptance is a major asset to our wellbeing. The article below explores some pointers for beginning your own mindful exploration of self-acceptance. If you enjoy it, then it will […]


From resignation to positive acceptance

t “If we can make a clear distinction between acceptance and resignation, we can start practicing positive acceptance on the one hand and avoid resignation on the other”. Dear Integral Meditators, I hope you enjoy this week’s article on acceptance. A quick reminder of the  Stress-transformation coaching offer details below. If your reading this and its past the expiry […]


Mindfully unhooking your mind

Dear Integral Meditators, Why not take a bit of time each day to ‘mindfully unhook’ yourself from the repeating thoughts and feelings that are tearing you up, and return your body, mind and heart to health and balance…the article below explains one way you can do this! A quick reminder of the  Stress-transformation coaching offer details below, and […]


Mindful use of willpower (And stress-transformation coaching offer)

Dear Integral Meditators, Willpower is an important domain to be mindful of because the way in which we use or abuse it in our life has a major influence on both the quality and the quantity of what we experience and achieve. The article below considers how we can start making better use of our […]