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Act your rage – Three useful ways of thinking about and using your anger

One of the things that was emphasized in my Buddhist meditation training (and this holds true for most contemplative spiritualities) was that there is really nothing useful about anger, it was entirely destructive. This is further backed up by statements such as “one moment of anger is enough to destroy the merit (good karma) that […]


Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew comments on his own daily meditation practice

(This is extracted from an interview that Lee Kuan Yew recently did with the New York Times, I am not going to add or subtract anything from it, just present it as it is – Toby) Q: “Tell me about meditation?” (Seth Mydans, New York Times/International Herald Tribune) Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew: […]


Uniting the body, mind and heart: The three levels of mindfulness that we evolve through

Following on from my earlier articles on gratitude and self-love, and articles on spiritual intelligence in general, here are three levels of mindfulness that we can distinguish. As we develop our meditation practice we gradually evolve our experience of mindfulness through three levels. The three levels are as follows: – Controlling the desires of the […]


The three stages of meditation practice as an art-form

The first stage is using meditation as an art-form to learn to calm the mind, overcome distractions and develop inner peace. The second stage is using the inner peace and focus you get from the first stage in order to deepen your experience of concentration, awareness and insight. The third stage is accessing and stabilizing […]


Concentrating from the Heart – Both meditation and life are much easier when your head and your heart are in the same place!

One of the perennial questions that I get asked, and that meditators across the world struggle with on a daily basis is “How can I keep my mind focused in meditation? It seems so difficult!” Here is one technique that I practice and sometimes teach to people that I describe as ‘learning to concentrate from […]