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Letting Ideas Grow Mindfully Though You

Dear Integral Meditators, Why meditate? One reason worth thinking about is that it is a way of keeping yourself creatively energized by learning to tap into deeper levels of our collective consciousness. The article below explores this theme… Two workshops in Singapore this Saturday, details are immediately below! In the spirit of Toby Letting Ideas […]


Mindfulness: The Co-Creation of Happiness and Performance

Dear Integral Meditators, This is an article that I prepared with some corporate clients in mind, it is another answer to the ever young question “what is mindfulness?”. Also, the practical exercise at the end is short but can have HUGE results. Yours in the spirit of mindful flow, Toby   Mindfulness: The Co-Creation of […]


The Hidden Calm Within the Body

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on finding aspects of enlightened flow through your physical body, the technique is simple in its basic elements, but you can investigate it in almost infinite depth. Yours in the spirit of calm, Toby   The Hidden Calm Within the Body Within your physical body itself there is […]


Finding Your Spiritual Flow

Dear Toby, This is an article on how to find your spiritual flow. In this article there is what I consider to be a really great and useful definition of the word ‘spiritual’. We often use ‘spiritual’ conversationally as if we have a clear idea what it means, but when we check our understanding is often a lot more nebulous. This article on spiritual flow is once […]


Wake, up, Grow up, Clean up, Flow

Dear Integral Meditators, Sometimes when we think of flow states there is the idea that they should be somehow effortless, stress-free and easy. In the article below I describe a state of flow that I’ve called enlightened flow which needs a certain amount of  effort-fullness before it can become effortless. I hope you enjoy it. If you […]