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The miracle of attention

“Imagine yourself on the side a mountain looking at the sky. For a time simply try and keep 90% of your attention on the sun, the clear sky and the bright clouds. You are not denying the dark clouds, you are just acknowledging the large expanse of “beautiful sky”, and giving yourself time to take […]


Four Positions for Wrestling with your Dark Angels

Dear Integral Meditators, When you find yourself wrestling with difficult or challenging mind-states, what mindfulness practices can you actually ‘do’ that will make a difference? The article below investigates four practical ‘mindful positions’ that you can start working with. For those in Singapore, we will be exploring these positions in the Tuesday & Wednesdayevening classes, and doing related […]


Cultivating Mindful Relationships, and Meditation/Stress-Transformation for Couples

Dear Integral Meditators, This mid-week message  is an article on how to apply mindfulness in a practical way to your relationships through self enquiry. Enjoy the article and wishing you happiness in all your relationships! In the spirit of curious awareness, Toby   Applying Mindful Curiosity to Your Relationships How can we start applying mindfulness to our […]