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Combining psychic & psychological self-defence  

“A strong self-concept makes you naturally able to defend yourself energetically, even if your awareness of subtle energy itself is not that pronounced or developed”

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This weeks article looks at how you can begin to distinguish the disciplines of psychological and psychic self-defence and combine them using a simple but profound practice.

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Combining psychic & psychological self-defence  

Psychic and psychological self-defence is essentially the art of learning to defend yourself from a subtle energetic attack, either from within yourself or from outside. ‘Subtle energetic’ means it is not a physical attack, but an attack on the level of mind, emotions, and energy. In this article I want to speak about the differences between the psychic and psychological dimension, and then explain a simple exercise that combines the two.

Psychological self-defence
Is based around a healthy self-concept and image, plus clear boundary between self and other (separation and individuation). If you have basically healthy self-esteem, you trust yourself and are reasonably confident, then this will help your energetic resilience in the face of criticism, judgment, aggression or psychological manipulation by others. If you have clear relationship boundaries, are self-responsible and know your own inner wounds and weaknesses, then this further shores up your subtle energetic strength. A strong self-concept like this makes you naturally able to defend yourself energetically, even if your awareness of subtle energy itself is not that pronounced or developed.

Psychic self-defence
Is based around awareness of and ability to work with subtle energy and energy exchange. It implies the development of your inner senses and capacity to sense, see and perceive a subtle energy attack and defend yourself against it. It also involves the art of building your subtle energetic strength through different forms of meditation and mindfulness activity. In my experience you can make a big difference to your energetic strength in this way, but it will only go so far if you don’t back it up with work on your self-concept (ie: your psychological strength)

Standing in your own power (An exercise that mixes both psychic and psychological dimension of self-defence)
Imagine there is a flame, or ball of light (like a miniature sun) in your heart.  The substance of the ball or flame is made up of the subtle energy of your life-force, but it also symbolizes your own healthy psychological self-concept; your self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Imagine the flame/ball radiating energy around your body, creating a ball of light or energy bubble around you. This bubble of light is semi-permeable, meaning it lets in positive energy, but you cam block any negative energy attempting to come through. As you sit or stand, feel your body posture adjusting subtly to reflect and express your psychological well-being and heath. You are protected from negative energy around you and within the bubble your body, mind and heart are filled with the energy of psychological heath and strength.

So of course you can’t just completely change your psychological self-image with a visualization like this. But it will strengthen the existing psychological strength that you have, and start to combine it with the inner energetic awareness involved in psychic self-defence. This is a simple and effective begin combining your own practice of psychological and psychic self-defence.

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