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A simple mindfulness exercise for building your immune system and health

“In times such as the one we are living in, it becomes increasingly clear that the more responsibility we can take for our own personal health and well-being, the better off we are going to be.”

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The article below explains a simple mindfulness practice that you can do to build your immune system mindfully each day.

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A simple mindfulness exercise for building your immune system and health

In times such as the one we are living in, it becomes increasingly clear that the more responsibility we can take for our own personal health and well-being, the better off we are going to be. This is especially in the face of conditions where the medical establishment has limited means to help us. What I want to explain below is a simple practice that you can use everyday to improve your health and well-being using the power of mindful attention.
The principle that it works off is this: If you are faced with a potentiality infectious disease, your immune system needs to be functioning well. In order for this to happen, your body and nervous system need to be in relaxation and regeneration mode for much of the time (technically this means your parasympathetic nervous system is activated). If you are nervous and your body is in ‘fight or flight’ mode, then the blood tends to be moving into the limbs of the body, and away from the organs of the body. This may save you if you are running away from a bear, but if you are trying to stay healthy, then you really want the blood moving away from the limbs and into the internal organs (particularly the gut), where it can build the health of your internal organs and immune system.
So, counter-intuitively, in the face of the risk of disease, you really need  to relax, so that your body can build its defense!
Here is a simple, three stage mindfulness exercise to help build your immunity. You can do it for any period of time you want, spending a roughly equal time on each stage:

  1. Sitting comfortably, as you breathe in acknowledge any stress or anxiety that you might notice present in your body. As you breathe out, invite your body to release that tension. Gently encourage your body and nervous system to relax and move from ‘active, energy expending’ mode, to regeneration and healing mode.
  2. As you breathe in, imagine your blood flowing into your torso, flooding your internal organs with fresh blood and energy. As you breathe out feel your internal organs relaxing, releasing energetic tension and chemical toxicity. Let your body’s natural healing and regenerating function kick in and start to build the strength of your health and immunity.
  3. If there are any organs or areas of your torso that are particularly in need of healing, you can focus your attention on them. Your gut and intestines in particular can be a good place to center your attention regularly.

Once you are used to this practice, you can do it for short periods anywhere. You create a habit of relaxation that enables your body to build its health and immunity for periods of time each day. Enjoy practicing!

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Working With Your Body’s Cellular Memory Through Meditation

Dear Integral Meditators,

What is the relationship between your body’s cellular structure and how you expereince your life? And how can meditation help influence this relationship in a positive and practical way? The article below explores this topic…

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Working With Your Body’s Cellular Memory Through Meditation

Let’s say I meet someone at a party, that person looks somewhat  like someone who hurt me and made me angry in the past. Based on meeting this person that looks like a past acquaintance, my body’s cellular memory is stimulated and I feel myself experiencing not just a mental aversion and hurt, but a tangible energy of hurt that I feel in my body.
Let’s say alternatively I meet an old friend whom I share many good and fond memories of. My body’s cellular memory remembers this old friend, and I feel impelled to embrace them warmly to express my appreciation.
Our body remembers things on a cellular level, and this cellular memory is a powerful force in our life.

Working with positive cellular memories
Take any quality that you wish to develop in your life. Let’s say courage. To activate your body’s cellular memory of courage you can contemplate times in the past when you have felt and acted upon the quality of courage. Focusing on memories of times in the past when you have experienced courage will activate your cellular memory, and your body will re-create the experience of what it feels like to be courageous in the present moment, now.
Once you have re-created that feeling of courage you can then simply sit with it, breathe with it and ‘soak’ yourself in it through meditation, making that quality stronger and stronger within yourself so that over time it starts to become more and more a part of your instinctive way of going and being in the world.

Working with negative or difficult cellular memories
Think of an emotion that you experience periodically that you want to let go of, let’s say resentment or inferiority. Contemplate times in the past when you have felt inferior or resentful, allow your bodies cellular memory to be stimulated so that you have a tangible experience of that resentment present in your body. Now relax and breathe with that feeling; by acknowledging and accepting it you can then learn to actually release and let go of those instinctive feelings in your body, and open up your cellular structure to the influence of new positive emotional programmings.

Closing comments
When working with positive cellular memories, the purpose of meditating on them is to strengthen and consolidate them. When working with difficult cellular memories, the purpose is to release the energetic charge of those memories through awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance. The essential technique is actually quite similar for both, the difference being in our intention and what we do once we have stimulated the cellular memory in meditation.

Which cellular memories would you like to work with this week in your own meditation and mindfulness practice?

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