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March 2020

Guided meditation recording on relaxing into safety (& Tues & Weds classes are online!)

Dear Integral Meditators, Here’s an 8 minute power meditation on relaxing into physical & psychological safety for you to listen to and enjoy! Feel free to share it with friends or family that might appreciate it! This weeks Tuesday & Wednesday classes, as well as being live, will also be available on live-stream, so you can participate from the comfort of your […]


A simple mindfulness exercise for building your immune system and health

W “In times such as the one we are living in, it becomes increasingly clear that the more responsibility we can take for our own personal health and well-being, the better off we are going to be.” W Dear Integral Meditators, The article below explains a simple mindfulness practice that you can do to build […]


Dealing with your anxiety more effectively (Identifying causal anxiety)

N “Working effectively with any type of anxiety means making friends as much as possible with the feeling of anxiety.”  N Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at a particular type of anxiety, and how we can start to work with it more effectively, enjoy! In the spirit of acceptance, Toby         Stress-Transformation […]