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Meditation for cultivating vitality – Three practices

Below are three simple ways in which you can build vital energy in your body through meditation. They can be practised individually or in combination. They have the general meditation benefit of calming and focusing the body-mind, with the addition of specifically promoting the build-up and flow of life-force through the body. Method 1 – […]


Visual keys to subtle meditation states

Dear  Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at how we can start to access subtle levels of consciousness in meditation using simple visual keys. Subtle states of consciousness can make us more creative, calmer, wiser and give us access to greater self awareness and self healing. So all in all they are well worth cultivating! […]


Learning to conserve, build and circulate your energy

Dear  Integral Meditators, How can mindfulness improve your energy levels and energy efficiency? The article below looks at this question in general, but also specifically from a qi gong perspective. Two classes related to this topic, firstly the Qi gong workout and meditation class this Saturday morning. Secondly this week sees the beginning of a new series:  Five stages […]


Qi Gong 101: Mindfully increasing & harmonizing your subtle energy 

Dear  Integral Meditators, Qi gong is a way of working mindfully with the subtle energy in your body. This week’s article reflects upon two fundamental questions: What is Qi Gong? And what are the different elements of qi gong practice? I have placed the answers in six parts or divisions. You’ll see links embedded in […]


Incremental Breathing – Relaxing and energizing at will

Dear  Integral Meditators, How can you use your breathing consciously to both energize and relax yourself at will? The article below offers a simple, easy to practice technique. For those in Singapore, a reminder that the weekly evening meditation classes start again this week, full details here. This Saturday we also have a new  Qi gong meditation […]


Hands on the belly to relax the brain (a short cut to sleeping at night?)

Dear  Integral Meditators, Greetings from Berlin where I’m traveling right now! Before I left for the holidays, I facilitated a Qi gong workshop, which then led me to start having a look at some old qi gong meditation articles that I had written out a decade or so ago. The method below is one that […]