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Re-Awakening to Your Bliss: Digital Euphoria

Dear Toby, This mid-week message has to main aspects to it: The first is an article that I wrote a few years ago and have just re-edited on how to re-awaken to your bliss. The second is an introduction to some meditation technology that you hope you will find interesting. Were living in an age dominated by […]


Connecting to Your Spiritual Fool in the Mirror World

Dear Integral Meditators, Normally when we think of the terms ‘you fool’ and ‘being foolish’ we think of them as derogatory, names that we would want to avoid being called or thought of at all costs. This weeks article explores a way of releasing the potential of our inner fool into our lives in a […]


Mindfully Expanding into Tension, Challenges and Growth

Dear Integral Meditors, I’m keeping it very practical with this weeks article, it is a way of using your body awareness to enhance the way you approach emotions and situations you find challenging, enjoy! Quite a lot of meditation and mindfulness courses to enjoy over the next few weeks, starting this Tuesday evening with the Meditation skills class. This is […]


The Tightrope of Kindness and Compassion

The Tightrope of Kindness and Compassion I think of practicing kindness and compassion as like being on a tightrope, because there are many ways to ‘fall off’! To really practice them consistently and master them takes a lot of discipline and dedication. How can you fall off? It’s easy to practice kindness to others (and […]


The Four Essential Stages to Transforming Negative Stress into Positive Energy

Dear Integral Meditators, What are the essential skills that you need in order to transform negative stress into positive energy? The article below is a summary of the fundamental skills needed to effect transformation. Yours transformatively, Toby The Four Essential Stages to Transforming Negative Stress into Positive Energy When you think of the word stress, […]