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Meditating like a baby – Six breathing meditations

“Consciously make your breathing as soft, even and harmonious as you can, and your mind will settle more quickly in meditation” Dear Integral Meditators, Everyone knows that breathing is an important part of meditation, and there are many ways to do it. The article below explores six different techniques you can try, as well as how to […]


Free Form Breathing – Allowing your body intelligence to decide

Dear  Integral Meditators, This weeks article is a short, simple and profound breathing meditation technique for getting in touch with your body’s natural intelligence and wisdom. I do it a lot, and when I teach it people give very good feedback on the immediate effects they notice! Reminder of the next two classes, this Tuesday […]


Incremental Breathing – Relaxing and energizing at will

Dear  Integral Meditators, How can you use your breathing consciously to both energize and relax yourself at will? The article below offers a simple, easy to practice technique. For those in Singapore, a reminder that the weekly evening meditation classes start again this week, full details here. This Saturday we also have a new  Qi gong meditation […]


Two Meditation Gateways (& Online Winter Solstice meditation)

Dear Toby, As we head gradually toward the end of the year I’m sharing an article I wrote about twelve months ago  on ‘Two meditation gateways’. These two gateways are nice places to  sit with at this slightly more reflective time of year. In  the spirit of balance & renewal, Toby Two Meditation Gateways These are […]


Wave Breathing

Dear Integral Meditators , The article below explains a simple breathing meditation form that I love as a way of really relaxing your body, mind & heart and entering into a deep contemplative space. You can do it anywhere, I hope you enjoy it! Wishing you, your families and loved ones all the very best […]


Listening to the Breathing – Free Meditation Recording (Plus Upcoming Mindful Breathing Workshop)

Dear Integral Meditators, In each moment your breathing is providing you with a wealth of insight about the way in which you are thinking, feeling and experiencing your life. I’ve just created a short, 5 minute meditation on a practice I call “listening to the breathing” that will help you access that insight and use […]