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Conscious or default positivity?

“Conscious positivity allows for a tremendous range of feelings and emotions to be present that may not be ‘positive’, but that if we repress or deny would take us away from our authentic response to what is going on, and to move away from the truth“ Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at the […]


The miracle of attention

“Imagine yourself on the side a mountain looking at the sky. For a time simply try and keep 90% of your attention on the sun, the clear sky and the bright clouds. You are not denying the dark clouds, you are just acknowledging the large expanse of “beautiful sky”, and giving yourself time to take […]


Guided meditation recording: Three aspects of the positive mindfulness game

Dear Integral Meditators, Here’s a 10 minute recording of Three layered meditation practice to help you build your mindful positivity. It combines focusing on sensory, emotional and cognitive objects, to help you build a more resilient approach to your inner wellbeing! In the spirit of staying well, Toby Article: Meditation – Life as a positive mindfulness game What […]


Two fundamental mindfulness and meditation questions

 B Dear  Integral Meditators, What are important questions that you can use to greatly improve your meditation and mindfulness practice, whatever level you are at? The article below offers two… Two fundamental mindfulness and meditation questions One fundamental mindfulness question that you can ask yourself is “What is the way in which I am paying […]


Mindfully building your mental & emotional resilience 1 – The cycle of mindful positivity

Dear Integral Meditators, How can we make our minds and emotions more resilient? One method is to build our store of strengths and positivity. The article below explores a simple, practical method of  going about doing this…. In the spirit of emotional & mental resilience, Toby Mindfully building your mental & emotional resilience 1 – […]