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Calm abiding, beautiful breathing (Inner air conditioning)

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen if you were able to focus your mind in a state of calm abiding at will, or at least more often? This weeks article explores this theme and how you can start developing this skill today! In the spirit of the strength of calm, Toby Calm abiding, beautiful breathing […]


The Eye of the Storm – Finding peace in the non-peace

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen if in the moments when you were feeling most disturbed and out of balance you were able to find a place of peace within that same moment? The article below explores how you can begin to do so. In the spirit of the eye of the storm, Toby The […]


Connecting to Your Big Mind (Plus 30% sale on all I-Awake Tracks)

Dear Integral Meditators, Where is your mind? In your body, in your brain, somewhere else? The article below offers a meditators perspective! For those in Singapore, a quick reminder of the Engaged Mindfulness workshop coming up on the morning of Saturday 31st October. Finally, beneath the article you’ll see some info regarding the I-Awake Meditation […]


Three Types of Faith

Dear Integral Meditators, I hope you are having a good weekend, this weeks article looks at how to integrate three different of faith into our life in order to improve our ability to go with the flow, decrease our stress levels and open to different patterns of meaning. I hope you enjoy it! Final reminder […]


Meditating on the Inner Weather of Our Mind

Hi Everyone, This weeks article focuses on the relationship between the way outer weather functions and the constantly changing ‘inner landscape’ of our mind. It is a useful analogy that I use a lot, particularly when there is a lot of outer rain and wind like there has been for the last few weeks in […]